Essential Oil

Flax Tulsi Drops

Tulsi- The sacredplant of India also known as queenof Herbs, traditionally used for the treatment ofbronchial asthma, malaria, cold, cough, skin diseases, arthritis, chronic fever, insect bite etc… This product is made up of oil extracted from pure and naturalKrishna Tulsi along with Flax seed oil as a balancing agent. The one drop of Flax Tulsi Drops contains the power of 100 tulsi leaves.

Controls Asthma
Improves immunity
Safeguard the heart
lowers blood sugar level
Balanced eugenol
High omega 3 fatty acid

Clove Drops

In Ayurveda, Clove it is exclusively used for the treatment of tooth ace, oralcavity, gum disease and other dental problems.Scientifically clove essential oil was provedfor its oral care properties. This product containspure essential oil of Clove nano emulsified with water for better performance. This product provides the single drop solution for all dental problems.

Controls tooth ache
Improves gums
Fights against the teeth cavities
Controls  teeth Ulcers
As a mouth Fresher.

Gastric Drops

The increase in the the gastric acid in the stomach leads to severe inflation in the inner stomach. Which ultimately leads to gastric ulcers and the growth of Helicobacter pylori. Turmeric is one of the oldest herb used for various therapies and it is also known to control gastric ulcers. Nisargam developed the single drop solution for gastric ulcers by pure and natural herbs.

It reduces acidity
Reduces gastric pain
Improves digestive health
Avoids Gastric ulcers
Keeps intestine healthy


Stress is commonly caused due to high physical and mental pressure which leads to frustration, angry, depression, nervous and many more. Aromatherapy is one of the widely used methods to get rid of stress from thousands of years and it is found to be safe. Nisargam introducing a new solution for stress by selectively bleeding of pure and natural essential oils.

Reduces the Stress naturally
Counter metabolic stress
Anxiolytic and anti-depressant
Resists mental pressure
100% Natural
No side effects

Ni- Sleep

Insomnia orsleeplessness is one of the most problemin recent years. To avoid side effects from the sleeping pills, relaxing the mind and inducing the sleep is very important and aromatherapy is the best way to achieve this. With the blending of best pure and natural essential oils Nisargam providing the best solution for sleeplessness at affordable prices.

Aroma for Natural sleep
Boot mind relaxing
Reduction in blood
pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate
Kick starting serotonin production
It relieves stress and anxiety

Ni- Migraine

Migraine is the ridiculous headache caused by the sensory disturbance to nerves. Relaxing the nerves will help in get rid of pain and aromatherapy provides the premier solution. By using the power of rosemary and other herbs Nisargam presenting the unique product to get rid of migraine instantly without any side effects. This product is designed as easy to carry at economical price

Get rid of Migraine and headache.
100% Natural
Decreases mental tiredness
Lavender act as an anxiolytic
High antioxidant
Power of Rosemary as an analgesic
Smoothening the muscles and clears the blood flow

Ni- Focus

Concentration is the very important thing to achieve every thing. In the modern world getting fluctuate is common. To overcome this hurdle aromatherapy helps by relaxing th brain. Nisargam introducing introducing the unique and novel productfor concentration enhancement. Along with the relaxation it also boosts the brain cells which leads to increase the focus.

Improve memory
Increase alertness
Reduce beta-amyloid toxic formation
Improves cognitive thinking
Carnosic acid protects brain cells
100% Natural & Pure essential oils
No side effects

Herbal pain killer Spray

Joint pain is one of the severe problems in aged people. Applications of synthetic medicines eventually leads to the side effects. From thousands of years essential oils were used for the pain relief. By taking this concern Nisargam development a unique aromatic remedy for joint pain, which relives the pain instantly without any side effects. This product is economical and easy to carry in nature.

Reduces inflammation
Reduces pain in joints
Smoothen the muscles
Avoids swelling
Non greasy

Herbal Rat Repellent

It is use for reduce a risk of rat. By using this rat never come at your property and you make your things safe from it.

It provides protection against Rats and Mice.
It repels the Rat without killing it
100% Natural, Non-Toxic, Safe, Eco-Friendly

3 in 1 Herbal Mosquito Repellent

Our Mosquito Repellent contains no harmful chemicals or alcohol. Specially formulated with selected essential oils and herbal oils, our herbal repellent can be used anywhere, which is suitable for skin, cloths and as aroom spray which lasts upto 6 hours. Our handy pocket atomiser gives upto 500 sprays per bottle.

Get rid of Mosquitoes by single spray
Suitable for skin, cloths and as a room spray
Pocket atomiser gives up to 500 sprays per bottle.
Easy to carry and lasts up to 6 hours
Formulated with pure essential oils
Safe for skin and suitable for children

All In One Herbal Pest Repellent

Use it and save from all type of insects.

Get rid of pests by single spray
Repellent for Mosquitos, Ants, Heel fly, Horsefly, Housefly, Horn fly, Stable fly, honey bees, Spiders, lizard & other deadly pests.
Available in multi size packing.
Easy to use and lasts up to 6 hours
Formulated with pure essential oils
All in one herbal Pest repellent